On a most unusual stormy Sunday afternoon, 

        P asked if I felt the shaking.

We were watching a movie about a boxer 

      whose life changed direction after finding God. 

My friend’s question tapped me into awareness 

       that created space in my consciousness to feel the 

elongated undulation of 

               a not too close earthquake. 

I wonder why I was surprised that in the midst of a storm

          the LORD had reason to get our attention 

                  by means of an earthquake?

I also wonder if one thing delivered the jolt that 

       turned the boxer’s life around, 

or if he woke up slowly, 

       after pushing life’s snooze button too many times?

We don’t always know how the Lord will speak. 

Elijah withstood a great and powerful wind that shattered the 


But the Lord did not speak through tempest, earthquake,

      or flaming mad fire.

Sensing a whisper 

     the prophet covered his face 

          and listened to 

               the voice of God.


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