1in7 vs. Busyness

Years ago, I noted that when asking friends “How are you doing?”, most had 1 of 4 responses:

1) Busy

2) Good, busy

3) I’m busy

4) Good


I’ve never felt satisfied hearing anyone use “busy” to describe their physical, emotional, or spiritual self, or to indicate their significance. 


1in7 is taken from the Bible. It refers to intentionally setting aside one day every week as holy to the Lord. The Bible uses the word “Sabbath” for the day of rest.  I expand the meaning of Sabbath to include intentional moments of reflection and correction every day.  I hope to offer ideas for creating restful gaps in life that are truly meaningful. In a sense, the goal is to offer ideas to reprogram the rhythms of life to habitually incorporate rest, reflection and renewal. 

Resource for this post:
Kevin deYoung: Crazy Busy


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